Why Damp Is Bad For Your Health

Do you know why damp is bad for your health? Damp can not only be an issue for your building but a health risk for you and anyone that lives in your home. Below we will review how damp can affect everything from your body to your mental health and why having a why of dealing with damp can be so important.

The Health Implications of Damp

Damp is moisture that shouldn’t be present in your building. Damp, such as rising damp, will eventually start to produce spores and that’s when it becomes a danger to health. We are going to list below how damp affects us and why it needs to be dealt with quickly: –
Allergies- One of the most susceptible groups. The spores can affect a person with allergies, just like pollen.

Skin Irritation- Similar to an allergic reaction through breathing, when mould spores contact the skin, they can start itch and in some case this can be serious.

Toxicity- An issue with damp and condensation, the mould spores can create toxic substances dangerous to humans and animals. Black mould is a general term, but the three most common types we come across are Penicillium, Aspergillus and Cladosporium. This can affect both the brain and the immune system. This would probably be the most extreme case.

The Risk Of Injury

Injury can happen when damp, such as penetrating damp makes its way into wood structures within your home. When the moisture level reaches to much for the wood to take, rot can set in and the structural integrity of your home is affected. If you are unaware of an issue, you could risk physical injury when the wood breaks. If any signs of damp arise, don’t wait, get it checked by a professional.

Damp Can Affect Mental Health Too

Damp issues can affect a person’s mental health. All humans, like every other animal like to be safe and warm. When issues like damp arise, it can be very stressful, and a person can start to feel down if they don’t feel there is a out of the situation. We would always recommend at the first signs of damp, contact your local damp treatment expert, as soon as possible.

Damp Treatment Exeter

Contact Orchard Preservations today, if you notice any signs of damp in your home or property. Orchard Preservations is an expert in damp treatment in Exeter and has over 20 years ‘experience damp proofing your homes and businesses in the South West. We specialise in both rising damp and penetrating damp and are able to quickly identify and recommend the best course of action, for you to take to prevent damp from damaging your home.

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