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Flood and Water Damage Repair Services

Floods can cause serious damage to properties, and if left uncontrolled, can also lead to diseases and further deterioration that could be prevented.

Orchard Preservations undertakes the control and prevention of flood damage in Devon. We have more than 20 years of experience in water damage repair and are equipped to handle both small and large projects. We have worked with homes, offices, and even shopping centres, and have successfully managed to decontaminate and dry the property after water damage.

Our flood damage services include removing all the water and drying the property completely. Apart from this, we will also remove any mould that has sprouted up due to water damage, remove any damaged wall coatings, as well as clean up the property. We will also endeavour to remove any leftover odours from the property caused by water logging. Our professionals are experienced and efficient and committed to providing the best flood control and damage repair service.

On the prevention side, we undertake mortar treatment in order to increase the resistance of water and force of the masonry. The treatment will ensure that the entire structure becomes strengthened in the face of heavy rains and floods. Along with this, we can also handle waterproofing your cavity drain. However, we do not undertake to handle a complete flood protection system.

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Orchard Preservation’s basic services include sanitising the affected areas of the property, drying, repairing damaged property, installing new damp courses where required, waterproof the basement, provide mortar treatment, and treat or replace timber to prevent dry rot or fungal deterioration. Apart from this we also try and improve water resistance and repellence of the masonry and endeavour to prevent further damage.

Other things we can help you with is checking for and removing blockages from the drains, installing backflow valves in sewer pipes, and installing a flood detection device, especially in the lower areas of the property where water presence would be quickly detected. We can provide consultation and offer advice on what can be done in order to prevent possible flood damage in Devon to your property.

Keeping in mind the kind of damage water can do to your property, do try to protect yourself from flood damage as much as you can. Contact us anytime for a quote and we will be happy to get back to you to discuss your requirements.

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