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Basement Waterproofing Exeter

Basements and cellars are more prone to problems arising from dampness than structures above the ground.

You can combat these problems with basement waterproofing from Orchard Preservations. It can transform your unused basement into a comfortable accommodation that can add significant value to your property.


Orchard Preservations basement waterproofing experts install a membrane. This membrane has an air gap behind it that makes it act like a dry lining to your walls, floors, and ceiling. This makes it possible for water to be evacuated outside the building. All membrane junctions and joints are designed with the objective of removing all the water behind the membrane. This is done either through a pump installation or natural drainage.

The first task involves the installation of a cavity drainage channel around the room’s edge and bedding it into a rebate at the junction of the floor and the wall. The next task involves fixing the membrane to the walls using waterproofing plugs and then laying the membrane over the floor. The junction between the floor and the wall is sealed using a corner tape, thereby creating a complete seal from any form of water ingress. After membrane installation, the next part of this important process is securing the internal walls of your room. Your internal wall finishes can either be plastered directly onto the membrane or you can use a plasterboard dry lining system.

basement flood

This waterproof basement tanking makes sure that no water seeps into the structure, thereby eliminating any risk of rising damp, mould, or wet and dry rot. As such, you can treat your basement or cellar just like any other room in the home. Perhaps you can make it an extra study, a games room, or even another bedroom. In today’s competitive property market, this installation can give you an edge when you want to sell your home. Orchard Preservations can help you convert a damp basement into an asset which could significantly increase the value of your home.


Your damp basement doesn’t have to be a menace. For more information or to book a free survey contact the experts at Orchard Preservations today.

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