Spot The Early Signs Of Damp

If you can spot the early signs of damp, this goes a long way to combating the issue and getting speedy damp treatment can save you worry and cost too. From the physical affects on your property to the health risks to you and your family, quick treatment is a must.

Have You Noticed Damp

No matter how old your property is, damp can affect it. If your home is not getting enough ventilation, damp can form. Below we will point out the signs of damp, so you know when to call Orchard Preservations and deal with the problem in a quick manner. Signs can range from a bad smell to discoloration on your walls or ceiling, even if you aren’t sure, it is always worth getting it checked.

Is There A Bad Smell

Do you have a strange smell in your home and can’t figure out where it is coming from? There can be many reasons from pets to the bins but if you have eliminated the usual culprits and a there is still a musty smell in your property, this may be a sign damp is present.

Is Your Wallpaper peeling

If your wallpaper has started to peel suddenly, it is not only very annoying, but this can be a sign that damp has penetrated the wall behind. This may not be the case but touch the wall and if it is damp to the touch, contact an expert damp treatment company to be sure.

Discoloration on the Walls

This is one of the most obvious signs. If you notice a patch on your walls, ceilings or floors, its time to investigate. It could be the signs of a leak in your home or the discoloration caused by damp. Either way treating it now is better than waiting.

Check Outside For Damp

A regular check of the exterior of your building is always a good thing. Check exterior woodwork, gutters and toilet overflow. Making sure they are all clear and working as they should prevent damp starting through the masonry.

Damp Proofing Exeter

If you spot any of the above signs of damp, then it’s time to contact Orchard Preservations about looking at damp proofing for your home. Our skilled team can advise and plan a treatment plan for your home should the worst happen. Even if you are not sure, we are happy to advise all our customers on the best damp treatment for their homes and business properties.

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