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Woodworm larvae can destroy the structural timbers in your home. There are several types of beetles and insects that can cause this damage, so it is best to call us as soon as you notice any damage in order to tackle the problem quickly. We will then carry out a specialised woodworm treatment based on your requirements to get rid of the infestation. Choose our reputable team at Orchard Preservations to stop woodworm in their tracks.


There are a few tell tale signs to spot whether your wood has woodworm. The most obvious sign of woodworm are small round holes that appear inside wooden items and the holes may have a fine powder dusting (known as frass). Another sign is spotting a beetle either emerging from a hole or around the house. Finally the edges of wooden structures may appear to crumble away when touched. This is a sign that woodworm has infested the wood and the structural integrity of the wood may have been compromised. If you spot any of these signs, it is important to have it checked as soon as possible. If an infestation is left untreated, it can spread through your house and result in thousands spent on repairs. Contact Orchard Preservations today if you spot any signs of woodworm in your home.


Assess the damage, repair the damage & treat the woodworm.

We have over 35 years of experience in the building trade, and 20 years of experience in preservation. Therefore, our team at Orchard Preservations are highly skilled at identifying and treating woodworm.

Our friendly and efficient service will ensure your woodworm treatment is carried out quickly to minimise property damage and restore your building as soon as possible.


All types of woodworm may seem the same, but they do not. The type of woodworm is very important. For example, the common furniture beetle tends to like softwood timbers in loft spaces and floors. Death watch beetles like hardwoods such as ash and oak.  They also make a ticking noise that can be heard. It is important to diagnose which beetle has infested as the two treatments are very different.

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