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Finding the right company to deal with damp issues in your home can seem a little hard to arrange, so when looking to find the best damp proofing services in Exeter look no further than Orchard Preservations. We are going to give you the signs of damp and what you need to look out for, so you know when is best to call in the expert. Acting quickly can make the difference between an annoyance and a safety issue.

What Are Damp Conditions?

Do you know what damp conditions are and how they affect a home? There are a number of things that cause damp in a home. The most common is from outside causes. It can be as simple as water making its way into a home through a crack or other damage. In other cases, the damp can come from inside.

In the case of inside your home, damp can be caused by day to day actions or equipment. Simply hanging out your washing in an enclosed room to often without proper ventilation can cause damp to build up. A leak on a piece of machinery can seep into woodwork nearby and cause a damp is in both the wood and eventually the walls.

Does Damp Lead To Mould?

The simple answer to this question is yes. If left unchecked, then damp can lead to mould as the moisture builds up. When mould has arrived, it can start to cause health issues, especially for those who have underlying health conditions.

Does Damp Proofing Treat It?

Here at Orchard Preservations we use a simple procedure to combat damp in your home. The first step is to locate the source of the issue and remedy this before effective damp treatment can be undertaken. We will then treat the area and check for any issues that may course damp in the future. One of the ways we treat damp is to inform our customers of how damp effects your home and you can stop it from getting out of hand. Knowledge goes a long way to keeping your family safe.

Damp Proofing Treatment Prices Exeter

For detailed damp proofing treatment prices in Exeter, contact Orchard Preservations today. Our expert team will take you through each step of the process from consultation to treatment. We are here to help, and should you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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