The Benefits Of Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is a necessary evil in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, we live in a damp country with a lot of old buildings. This often leads to a need for regular damp treatment.

Fortunately, there are a whole host of damp proofing options available that offer many benefits. Let’s explore the advantages of preventing dampness in your home, and how various treatments can help create a dry, healthy building.


What Is Damp Proofing?

Damp proofing is the act of assessing, identifying and rectifying dampness within the home. It often starts with an in-person consultation. An expert technician will pinpoint the type of dampness and its cause. The techniques used are determined by the type of issue your property is suffering from. For example, rising damp is treated by first removing moisture and humidity from the area and applying a DPM or a ‘damp proof membrane’.

Regardless of the damp treatment needed, our trained professionals at Orchard Preservations are proficient in tackling all kinds of moisture problems within your home.

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Prevent Mould In Your Home

One of the main issues of damp in a building is mould. Most moulds such as black mould and aspergillus thrive in moist, dark environments. Any excess moisture in a room can create a hospitable habitat for mould. These release spores that decrease air quality and have adverse effects on the health of people living there. That’s why it’s important to utilise damp proofing to prevent mould in your home. Various techniques can be utilised to stop water from rising or penetrating a building and deter any unwanted growth.

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Protect An Old Building

Any building that was constructed before the 1970s was not built with moisture in mind. Quite often, damp-proof membranes were not used, and walls were made from materials such as stone and lime. Although these buildings stand the test of time, they regularly suffer from excess moisture and poor ventilation. This is especially relevant if they were built in a valley, wooded area or anywhere with excessive levels of dampness. If you own an old building and want to protect its integrity whilst preventing unnecessary health complications, then we advise using a damp proofing service.

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Get In Touch With Orchard Preservations For Damp Proofing

Orchard preservations are an all-inclusive business. We offer damp proofing services that include all trades such as plumbers and electricians. As a result, we mitigate the need for multiple independant tradesmen. If you want preservation treatments from a business that prioritises competitive pricing, high-quality work and customer satisfaction, then contact us today for a free quote and assessment.

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