How Can I Stop Damp In The Winter?

If you have ever wondered “How can I stop damp in the winter” you’re reading the right blog.

At Orchard Preservations, we aim to keep your home dry and warm this winter, as we know how frustrating it is to have your property wet and cold.

There are 2 forms of damp that can damage your home all year round. It is common especially in the winter, but luckily for you our experts know how to combat it and provide more information on dreaded damp.

Read on to see more information and contact Orchard Preservations or visit our website.


Why Do Homes Get Damp ?

So, why do homes get damp ?

Firstly, damp can affect any home in the winter no matter the age or cleanliness of the house. The damages can be serious to your health & home and are expensive if left unchecked.

As discussed damp can occur 2 ways, via penetrating damp and rising damp. Both are dangerous.

Rising damp occurs from moisture rising up from the ground through the ground through fabric of the house. It can be caused by a lack/failure of damp proofing systems.

Penetrating damp is caused from moisture leaking through the fabric of the walls, as well as damage to rainwater goods like the roof. This type of damp is common in solid walls or where any exterior protective coating is damaged.

We can stop damp in the winter with our proven tactics. Orchard Preservations have over 20 years of experience in dealing with these problems, so contact us before the damage becomes worse and turn to mould!


Will Putting On The Heating Help ?

To answer quickly, NO.

Putting the heating on damp damages will not help – it will just mean a higher heating bill at the end of the month!

The only way to help repair your damp, is to call the experts. Luckily for you, Orchard Preservations are on hand to tackle both damp damages.

Its important in the winter that you don’t let the deterioration carry on. You don’t want a big bill from leaving your home wet and cold.

Our solutions for rising damp is too take out the current damp-proofing methods, and replace them brand new. This will ensure your home stays warm for years to come – so  you can save the heating for a chilly day !

The same applies for penetrating damp. We will cure the cause and repair the damage. Our experts guarantee a great result and service, whilst being flexible with times and locations.

So if you think you have early signs of damp in your home, contact us today and we can stop the damp in the winter, before it becomes a serious problem.

flood damage house with sandbags at front door

Help With Damp During Winter

While it is important that you contact damp experts like Orchard Preservations, there are some things you can do at home to help with damp during the winter.

Finding the source is a big help for us. Damp doesn’t appear by itself, It could be a leak or poor proofing as discussed. So finding where its coming from can give us a head start to fixing your problem !

However if you would rather the experts take care of it all, then contact Orchard Preservations. We want to help all of customers get their homes back their best. With over 20 years’ experience dealing with stopping damp in the winter, you are sure to get a quality service.

If you need any more information about damp, whether its causes, prevention or advice – Contact us today on 01395 233436 to get ahead of the problem and ensure a warm, happy winter !

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