What is the Fitness for Human Habitation Act

As of March 20th 2019 this year, it is now a lawful requirement to make sure that all rented homes are ‘fit for human habitation’, throughout the entire length of the legal tenancy. This actually means that the tenants have greater power for taking possible legal action in court over their landlord, if a home fails to meet certain standards which deem the property to be ‘inhabitable’.

What Does This Mean For Tenants And Landlords

In previous years, tenants were required to settle any issues with their landlord directly, or to use their local council to act as an arbitrator or go between, but since the new act has been in place, tenants are now able to escalate any disputes straight to the UK courts.

This potential compensation and “fixing” of any outstanding issues with the property will need to be paid for by the landlord if a court rules in favour of the tenant’s claim. But the landlords will not be responsible for any defects caused by deliberate negligence from the tenant.

What Is ARLA

The Association Of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) – Click here to visit the ARLA website.

ARLA’s declaration is that a property is unfit for human habitation if there are any serious defects in the following areas:

Freedom from damp
Internal arrangement
Natural lighting
Water Supply
Drainage and sanitary conveniences
Facilities for storing/preparing/cooking of food and disposal of wastewater


The Housing Health And Safety Rating System

HHSRS provides guidance for landlords to help them understand their responsibilities towards their tenants and identify if there are any works which should be undertaken on their properties in order to confirm with HHSRS.

Damp Proofing For Landlords

Anyone can get damp or rot issues in their property, no matter how new or well-kept your house is. These issues can cause serious and expensive property damage if left unchecked, which is why it’s important to call Orchard Preservations as soon as you notice signs of damp. Our experienced and reliable team will be able to implement an effective treatment that works for your needs.

Orchard Preservations has over 20 years ‘experience damp proofing your homes and businesses in the South West. We specialise in both rising damp and penetrating damp, and can quickly identify and recommend the best course of action, for you to take to prevent damp from damaging your home. Contact us today.

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