What Is Chemical Damp Proofing

There is a choice of damp proofing solutions. These will vary depending on the level of wetness in your home. In most circumstances, a regular damp proof course is employed, but in rare cases, due to limited access and little interruption, a chemical damp proof course is employed. We’ll go through what chemical damp proofing is and why it might be a better alternative for your property below.

What Is Injected Chemical DPC

What is injected chemical DPC? Chemical DPC is an injectable cream that is used to fill the space needed to construct a damp proofing barrier for your building. This technique works wonders when it comes to preventing increasing moisture in your home.

How Is Chemical Damp Proofing Installed

The cream is injected into the afflicted wall immediately. Small holes will be drilled into the wall, which the cream will fill. The cream will then disperse, forming a barrier to any growing damp in the wall. The current and cost-effective treatment for rising damp is DPC Injection cream.

The Benefits Of Chemical Damp Proofing

The true benefits of chemical damp proofing are many and they can give you great results: –
• A fast-acting system compared to other damp proofing methods.
• Simple installation with minimum disruption to your home.
• Low hazard. The treatment is not injected under pressure, which gives a cleaner treatment than conventional chemical systems.
• Non-Caustic and Non-Flammable.
• Odourless
• Chemical DPC has a long life and will need minimal maintenance.

Chemical Damp Proofing Near Me

We can assure you that any work we do will be of the greatest quality since Orchard Preservations is a professional expert in chemical damp proofing. Orchard Preservations has been operating in homes and businesses in Exeter and the South West for for 20 years. For more information on our services, contact us today.

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