What To Do After Your Home Is Flood Damaged

Because of the speed, depth, concealed impediments, and contaminants in fast-flowing water, flood water is typically perilous. The most important thing to remember is to keep yourself and your family safe! Either go to the upper levels of your home and ask for help as quickly as possible, or leave the property immediately through a safe, dry path. If anyone remains in the flooded property and the mains electricity supply was not cut off before the flood, do not touch any electrical items until you are told it is safe to do so, and keep as far away from the floodwater as possible.

Call 999 if there is any threat to life.

When “everybody” is safe follow the below to recover from this flood damage:

What Are The First Things To Do After A Flood?

To begin, let your insurance company know that your home has been flooded. Although you are unable to determine the extent of the damage, you may determine whether they will provide alternate lodging and emergency finances, as well as the following steps in your potential claim. If your insurance provider refuses to fund alternate lodging, you should consider the following:

  • Staying with family, friends or neighbours (cheaper but not a long-term solution)
  • Renting another property in the area
  • Staying in a hotel or guesthouse (keep the receipts)
  • Applying for housing to your local authority, if you fall into a priority housing need.
  • Notify your family, close friends and your employer that you are safe and possibly in need of help.

This then ensures that your family and close friends know where you are and that you are safe, so they do not worry. Do not return to your home until you are told it is safe to do so. This is paramount!

What To Do After Returning To Your Flood Damaged Home

Make your own record of the flood damage and contact your insurance company.

You may have done this already (to advise them that the property has been affected by flooding and to arrange temporary accommodation) but, once you regain access to the property, you will need to contact them again to arrange for a loss adjuster to visit as soon as possible and to establish how the claims process works and timeline.

Flood Damage Services Near Me

Any flood-damaged things that you plan to claim against your insurance must be kept in your possession, as they may be required as evidence. It’s likely that your municipality will provide a collective refuse collection service. Inquire with your local government about this.

Start The Process Of Drying Out.

If your insurer is covering some or all of the costs, the loss adjuster will be the main point of contact between you and the insurance company. Although the final decision on the claim will be made by the insurance company, you will be communicating with a loss adjuster on a regular basis. As a result, wait until the insurer has given his or her approval before commissioning any work. If you are uninsured, though, you can start working right immediately.

You may need your lender’s (bank or building society) documents for consent, or consent from a landlord, for any flood repairs or replacement of parts of the house, so check your mortgage deed, lease or call the lender. It is sensible to wait until you have that consent before starting work.

How Do I Repair My Home After A Flood

If you own the property, begin organising the drying out and eventual repair/replacement procedure. If you are a renter or merely lease a portion of the building, it is most likely your landlord who will handle this. When an insurer pays a portion or all of the expense, the loss adjuster will be the primary point of contact between you and the insurer.

If your home is likely to flood again, you may wish to fix it in a way that minimises the damage caused by the next flood. This can be accomplished by putting in place flood-resilient measures on the property. Your insurer may be ready to cover all or part of the cost of the work in some cases.

Claim Compensation For Loss Of Utilities

During flooding there may be gas, electrical and water cuts – more than likely actually! If these are prolonged (2 hours or longer) and occur without any prior notice, you could be entitled to compensation. Guidance on how much you may be entitled to and how to apply is available from the Citizens Advice Bureau on getting compensation if you have a power cut is available here.

Water And Flood Damage Repairs Exeter

Orchard Preservations undertakes the control and prevention of flood damage in Devon. We have more than 20 years of experience in water damage repair and are equipped to handle both small and large projects. We have worked with homes, offices, and even shopping centres, and have successfully managed to decontaminate and dry the property after water damage. Contact us today for a quote.

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