5 Top Causes Of Commercial Water Damage

When water makes its way into your business premises it can end up being a costly issue. There are several ways to that water can come into the building. Below you will find the 5 top causes of commercial water damage and how you can prevent them from becoming a major issue.

Broken Pipes

This probably the most common way for water to make its way into your building. It’s one of the things we forget about and water can start to drip slowly making damage as it goes. Keep an eye out for unexplained stains on the ceilings, floors, or walls. Over time a musty unexplained smell may start, this is time to start investigating. Broken pipes are not always a rush of water breaking out, slow leaks can result in more damage in the long run.

Leaking Fire Prevention Systems

This is pretty much the same as a damaged pipe. We tend to stop noticing our sprinkler systems and when this happens, we stop noticing possible damage. Make this a regular place to check when checking for maintenance in your business. If your fire prevention system is damaged, this can have an effect on it being able to stop a fire.

Damaged Roof

Usually roof damage is a result of bad weather conditions. This is not always the case but is the most common. After it is safe to do so, ensure all areas of the roof are checked and there has been no damage. In some cases, damage can happen over time and this is when water damage can really take hold. Have a regular assessment of your roof will help to prevent this.

Leaking Air Conditioning

More and more companies are using air conditioning within their offices to make the environment more comfortable for their employs. These systems use water to provide cool air but where there is water, there are a chance of leaks. Any air conditioning unit should be regularly maintained because of the involvement of water in these units, there can be a chance of mould growing and risking the health of the people working in your building. If any damp signs are appearing it is time to call a specialist like Orchard Preservations as soon as possible.

Window And Door Damage

Window and door damage seem like an obvious point and most would say they would see if there was any damage, but it can be missed. The more we look, the less we see, and this is often the case when it comes to damage to windows and doors. Ensure that all seals are present and are undamaged. A simple leak can result in rot in door and window frames, and ultimately result in a security issue.

Water & Flood Damage Repairs Exeter

The above are simple ways that water can damage your building and have a negative effect on your business. Here at Orchard Preservations we deal with all kinds of water & flood damage repairs in Exeter. Our expert team can advise you on the best cause of action and help with an, experienced and trusted, overall damp prevention plan. Contact Orchard Preservations today.

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