How To Prepare For A Flood

Living in the UK has its joys, one of those is definitely not the unpredictable weather and the annual weather warnings that come with it. Flooding is not something unknown to the people who live in the UK and over the years we have seen some bad floods and a lot of damage caused. Although there’s nothing you can do to stop the rain, a lot of people ask, “how do I prepare for a flood?”. Here is how.

Weather News Exeter

Make sure that you watch the weather warnings and the news to see if there is a flood approaching. You can also sign up for alerts via text or email so you can be informed the chances of a flood, when and where etc. This way you will be aware when you should start planning for a flood and it won’t be as much of a rush closer to the time. Do some research to know the best ways to be notified and alerted.

Flood Defences Devon

A recent study showed that 9% of people have never considered looking into flood defences as they believe the flood won’t affect them. It is a risk but is it a risk you’d be happy to take knowing the damage possible if a flood did reach a house with no flood protection. There are several flood protection products that can be used to reduce damage and protect your house from the flood. Here’s a few:

Airbrick Covers – prevent water from entering through walls.
Sandbags – can provide useful protection around windows and entrances.
Doorway Protection – barriers that goes between the doorframe and the bottom step.
Toilet pan seal – prevents sewage from flowing back through the toilet.

Water Damage Insurance

It’s always wise to make sure you have either specific insurance that covers flooding or take out individual insurance that covers you if you are affected by a flood and water damage. You want to make sure the insurance you have has a value to cover you to an amount you are happy with. This is something that is very important and should be one of the major parts in planning for a flood.

Flood Survival Kit

There are a range of opinions for what you can include in a flood survival kit and some items are more important than others.

The Best Flood Survival Kit:

Wellies & Waterproof clothing

First aid kit, waterproof plasters, bandages

Tinned and dry foods


Money – in cash

Radio and torch

Clean drinking water

For more information on flooding services and learning how to protect your house from flooding, contact us today or visit the damp proofing and waterproofing sections of our website.

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