Wet Rot Treatment Exeter

Stopping wet rot can seem very daunting. When you first notice an issue with rot, many different worries start to go through your head. If you see any signs of wet rot, and don’t worry we will tell you about the signs below, contact Orchard Preservations. We can help you to get the issue under control in no time and help you to remedy the rot. So, how do you stop wet rot?

What Does Wet Rot Look Like

The look of wet rot can vary but there are signs that you may have an issue. In the case of timer that affected area will be darker than the surrounding timber. It will feel soft and spongy, with a cracked and crumbing appearance.

If you notice one or all of these signs, its time to contact the professionals and get the issues sorted now. Wet rot can affect the structure of a building, especially when it affects timber that holds up roofs, basements and structure outside. Even if you’re not sure you have an issue, contact us today and our skilled staff will be able to best advise you.

What Is The Difference Between Wet and Dry Rot

This is a simple one, wet rot needs a higher moisture content to spread. This is why it is common in outside structures and areas of the home that are prone to leaks. Timber that has around 50 % moisture level is likely to develop wet rot. Whereas dry rot spreads at a lower moisture level at around 25%.

Wet Rot Treatment Exeter

For all your wet rot treatment in Exeter, contact Orchards Preservation. Our expert team can advise and book an appointment to suit you. With competitive prices we know we can provide a valued service for our customers. Contact us on 01395 233 436.

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