Are You Liable For Damp Proofing?

Properties today will tend to have a damp issue at some point in their life and knowing how to deal with these issues is key. If you own your property, then the liability is with you as the homeowner but if you rent your property the liability can a cause for contention. So, are you liable for damp proofing your property?

Damp In Your Property

When you know about damp and its causes you will be prepared to deal with the issue and solve an issue before it becomes a major problem.

– Condensation- This is a build up of moisture in your home and can cause damp issues.
– Rising Damp- This can happen inside and outside, it’s when moisture is drawn in through the walls. This will affect walls, ceilings, and skirting boards.
– Penetrating Damp- If you have external leaks this may cause penetrating damp, you may see damp patches anywhere on the internal walls.

Who Is Responsible For Damp

If you rent your home take a look at your tenancy agreement and maintenance requirements for you as a tenant. Try and pinpoint the cause, then report it to your landlord or their agent as soon as possible. They will be able to advise on repair. Don’t be shy if you don’t hear back from them, continue to contact them, as damp can turn into a health and safety issue if not dealt with.

Citizens advice state that landlords are more likely responsible for rising and penetrating damp issues in a rented property. When it come to condensation, that is a little trickier. Condensation build up can be caused by internal factors such as using the wrong decorating materials that are not breathable. Contact your landlord, whatever the signs of damp and you can work together to resolve this issue.

Damp Proofing Services Exeter

We provide the best damp proofing services in Exeter. Our expert team will work with both the landlord and tenant to get the issues sorted in no time. Contact us today and Orchard Preservation will help you find the source and repair any issue within the property.

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