Tips for Damp Proofing Exeter

Noticing damp or mould in your home is a sign you can’t ignore. By getting ahead of it a small problem will not become a big one. Not only are damp issues unsightly but they can cause damage to the structure of the building. Here are our top tips for damp proofing your home.

Damp Proofing Your Home

If you have condensation, damp or mould already, the first thing to check will be the damp proof course on your building. If you go outside, double check you do already have a course, this will be several inches above ground level on the exterior walls. They are usually made of a membrane but can be seen as drill holes in the wall where chemical damp proof has been used.

The damp proof course keeps a barrier to protect the building, check that no path, patio or garden area has been installed higher than this line. If the course is in place and is uninterrupted, the source of the damp may be coming from another source.

Can Blocked Gutters Cause Damp

If guttering is blocked it can result in moisture getting into the building and causing condensation or damp. Always ensure your guttering is cleared regularly and that all flashing and especially if you have a flat roof that all seals are intact. All of these can contribute to damp getting into the building.

How To Prevent Damp On Brickwork

To stop brickwork from becoming porous there are treatment s that can be used to ensure they keep the moisture out. These kinds of liquid sealants can be used on both exterior and interior walls to ensure damp cannot enter above the damp course. When applying to interior walls the area will need to have all wallpaper and dirt remove before the sealant is applied.

Damp Proofing Exeter

Anyone can get damp or rot issues in their property, no matter how new or well-kept your house is, which is why it’s important to call Orchard Preservations as soon as you notice signs of damp. Our experienced and reliable team will be able to implement an effective treatment that works for your needs.

Orchard Preservations has over 20 years ‘experience damp proofing your homes and businesses in the South West. We specialise in both rising damp and penetrating damp and can quickly identify and recommend the best course of action, for you to take to prevent damp from damaging your home. Contact us today for expert advice and guidance.

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