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We at Orchard Preservations have recognised there isn’t enough condensation advice Exeter. Once you know the causes it is clear how easy it can be to prevent it. However, we also have advice on treatment it if you do find yourself experiencing some issues. Here’s our guide to condensation.

What Is Condensation?

A common question we hear is “what is condensation?”. It is where moisture in humid air gathers on a colder surface, resulting in water droplets forming. It is a common occurrence that can happen in food containers and cars as well as buildings, but it can become a big issue if it isn’t treated properly.

Condensation Causes Exeter

It depends on your individual circumstances to why you’re experiencing issues with this in the first place, but poor ventilation is the number one culprit. Mostly found around windows, external doors and poorly ventilated areas, it is a more common occurrence in autumn and winter. This is when the cold weather is being shut out and people are heating up their houses more so the difference in temperature and no ventilation from windows makes condensation build up.

Several everyday activities contribute to the moisture levels in the air, such as cooking, washing and even making a cup of tea! If the property is not ventilated properly and the condensation is ignored, over time mould will start to form.

Condensation Treatment

Many customers have asked us about the condensation treatment and prevention. Making slight changes in your everyday activities, like having the extractor fan on whilst showering or placing lids over your pots when cooking can make all the difference. Even opening the windows to air the house out can not only prevent problems but give the place a dose of fresh air!

You can choose to invest in ventilation systems and extractor fans for your home which would be a great help. However, there is no proper long-term solution to keeping condensation at bay so it should always be something to keep in mind.

Orchard Preservations Exeter

You should now know a little more about condensation and how you can deal with it, thank to us at Orchard Preservations Exeter. If you feel your situation has gotten out of your hands and you need professional help and advice, give our team a call on 01392 233 436.

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