Condensation Could Be In Your Property

Condensation can have an effect on your property and knowing the signs will help you combat any issues that can arise from it. From mould to eventual health conditions, what can be a bit of annoying water, can cause a lot of issues. Here is why condensation could be in your property.

What Is Condensation?

You may notice that parts of your wall, plastic or painted services and other areas feel damp. This is condensation. Caused by excess moisture in the air. This is commonly caused by poor ventilation; this can simply happen from not opening windows to hanging wet washing without opening a window. In turn this can result in mould growing on timber and other services.

How Does Condensation Affect A Home?

As we have said above when condensation makes its way into a building it can have a major effect. When mould starts to take hold, it can spread quickly and as a result start to affect the people living there. If you have asthma, mould can be have a bad effect and even in a health person can cause respiratory illness.

How To Prevent Condensation

To prevent condensation the key word is ventilation. Ensure all extractor fans in your home are in order and are not blocked in any way, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. In unused rooms, it is always worth opening a window and airing the room on a regular basis. If you hang your washing inside, remember to open a window whilst it dries. We are aware this may take longer in the cold month but preventing condensation will protect your property from mould in the long run.

Condensation Treatment Exeter

Do you have a condensation issue in your home? Look no further than Orchard Preservations for your condensation treatment in Exeter. Our skilled team is not only happy to advise but we have tried and tested methods for dealing with condensation issues. Contact Orchard Preservations and deal with the best condensation experts in the area.

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