Timber Decay Exeter

Come to us at Orchard Preservations if you’re experiencing timber decay. If you own a property which is somewhat dated, you will be at high risk of this affecting or taking over your home and so you will need to get it treated as soon as you can. It can damage newer homes too; it’s just older ones are more prone as they don’t always have the right ventilation or insulation.

Everyone’s dry rot situation and severity will be different so allowing a member of our team to come and assess the damage to offer the best solution. This is a much better choice than spending heaps of money on chemicals or services that may not work. For the long term, you’ll be pleased you did it through a professional and experienced method. Read on to find the causes so you have a better idea of how it can be avoided.

Wet Rot Exeter

The main cause of wet rot is exposing timber to moisture for a long time, causing damp to inhabit the wood. This together with poor ventilation in your home will make for a recipe for disaster, as well as any places which gather water regularly and may not filter correctly. The places to focus on would be windowsills and their frames (both inside and out) and floorboards near or under damp walls.

Wet Rot Treatment

If the moisture levels decrease, wet rot treatment won’t be required as it tends to naturally disappear after this. In other cases, a resin can be used which hardens the wood to make it strong again. However, for when it has gotten too severe, the affected areas may have to be cut out and replaced. This of course will depend on the surrounding structures that it will interfere with. After treatment, be sure to keep rooms well ventilated to prevent return.

Dry Rot Exeter

It isn’t uncommon for us at Orchard Preservations to see dry rot, or as its also known; the Serpula lacrymans fungus. Bacteria in the air settles on damp parts of wood and drain it of all its moisture. The timber begins to crumble and can become a very serious issue for any part of a home, therefore, it’s key to detect this as soon as possible. Square shape cracks in paintwork and wood with roots spreading from them are the easiest to detect. These roots will eventually turn into fungus, which will spread the problem if not treated.

Dry Rot Treatment

When detected early, dry not treatment isn’t hard. Although, it can spread fast and often requires your home being fully assessed and then stripped where the affected areas are. This can be pricey and set you back not only with money but time too. It is highly affective, though, as it stops the fungus from growing further and essentially kills it off. Like always, ensure to keep rooms well ventilated.

Woodworm Exeter

To detect woodworm, look out for holes in panels, floorboards and beams. The 1 mm thick boreholes usually come in large groups, and these occur when the eggs of wood beetles hatch then tunnel out from within the timber. Usually when the holes are new, you’ll see dust surrounding the wood and they’ll be pale on the inside. If they’re dark and dust free, you probably won’t have to worry as they will no longer be active. To be sure, you can cover the holes with a coating or some paper, if they’re active then you’ll see new bore holes where they have returned.

Woodworm Treatment

Having a lot of moisture in your wood will make it easier to penetrate and an infestation will make it easy to break so woodworm treatment will be required. Reducing damp is the first step to resolving the issue as it will make the timber less habitable for the beetles. For more extreme cases, you may need to use a special pesticide where needed to kill them off and reduce the risk of them returning.

Orchard Preservations Exeter

Hopefully, you now know more about timber decay thanks to us at Orchard Preservations Exeter. To prevent any infestations or rot occurring, our biggest piece of advice would always be to keep your home well ventilated! If you’re struggling with this then we suggest you invest in a dehumidifier to help with air circulation. Always remember to get in contact with us if you need any help or advice. We also provide services for Cullompton, Honiton and some surrounding areas so don’t hesitate to contact us today to see how we can help you.

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