Do You Know The Signs Of Rot In Timber

Do you know the signs of rot in timber? Knowing when timber has rot is important and getting it treated as soon as possible is key. The fungi that rots timber makes the wood weaker and structurally unsafe, so noticing the signs of decay in your timber can help you to know when to call in the experts and fix the issue.

What Are The Signs Of Timber Rot

The fungi that grows in wet rot needs 20% water content, so this mainly affects wood outside but if there is a fault inside the building and water has managed to make its way inside, it can affect timber within the home.
Split in to two types timber rot is either wet or dry, both have a different treatment type. So, it’s important to identify which one it is.

• Dry Rot- Typically found in softwoods, it can cause major damage to buildings. With the ability to grow through masonry and other materials to reach timber. The signs you may have dry rot are darkening of the wood, splits along the grain, wood shrinkage and the wood may feel lighter & start to crumble. There will also be a musty smell as the rot develops.

• Wet Rot- Generally found when there are high levels of water in the wood. Signs that timber could have wet rot are darkening of the wood, which is called brown rot, or appear bleached, white rot.

How To Treat Rot

With both kinds of rot, the wood will need to be examined and a structural survey will need to be undertaken to ensure the building is still safe. One of the first steps is to find the water source that is affecting the timber, so it doesn’t reoccur. The affected timber will then be replaced, and any masonry effected will be treated. The new timber will also be treated to guard against rot.
Timber that is outside the building can be a little tricky to keep dry but any effected by rot will be replaced and the treated will water resistant treatments to protect it.

Timber Experts Exeter

Orchard Preservations has been offering reliable wet rot and dry rot treatment in the South West for over 20 years. With specialists available throughout regions such as Exeter, Chard, Newton Abbot, Dorset, Axminster and Taunton, our wide range of treatment options and methods make us the right choice of preservations service provider no matter what type of rot you are dealing with. Contact us today.

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