How To Identify Dry Rot Devon

Before any kind of treatment, you need so make sure you know how to identify dry rot? Afterall, how are you going to know to treat something if you don’t know it’s there? It’s useful to have this knowledge, not only for yourself, but for others too.

The main places to look would be anywhere around a water source or moisture, for example: windowsills, exposed corners where water runs off the roof. Look out for splits, cracks or discolouration, particularly where the ground and any wood meet. You’ll be able to tell if wood is rotted by it flaking and being easily broken by the slightest pressure, for example when you poke a sharp object against it. In places where you can’t see the wood so well, discolouration of the materials inf front or around it will be a good indication.

How To Treat Dry Rot?

After locating and stopping the source of the issue, you should then look at replacing the wood as soon as you can. This is of course dependant on how far gone the wood is, but we always recommend a fresh start as it’s not always a guarantee that the problem will completely disappear. If you aren’t completely confident that its dry rot, always get a second opinion as it could be something worse like termites.

How To Prevent Dry Rot?

There are many easy methods on how to prevent dry rot, such as properly ventilating and insulating your home and properly sealing doors and windows. A few others include:

  • Properly direct roof, decking and porch flashings
  • Keep drains clear
  • Properly insulate and flash windows and doors
  • Keep wood off the ground and away from wet environments

Reduce the water runoff near your house by installing a rain barrel or changing the direction away from you. The best thing you can do overall is to treat the rot as soon as you find it else it will turn into a growing problem for you and work out a whole lot more expensive.

Orchard Preservations Exeter

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