How To Protect Your Property From Ground Gases

To protect your home from ground gases a membrane system is used. This system is efficient at protecting your home from gas contamination. Mostly common when new properties are built on land affected by ground gases.

What Is A Gas Membrane

A gas membrane is a layer that protects a property from gases migrating from the soil. An accumulation of these gases can cause harm to health and are a major issue in any property. This will need to be installed in a new build if gas has been detected.

When Is a Gas Membrane Needed

Gas membranes are needed when a high level of gas has been detected on a site. You will be able to get a survey to see the case level on a potential site. If you are unsure if a gas membrane is needed in your property do contact a professional for advice.

How Is Gas Membrane Installed

It is essential that gas membranes and radon barriers are installed correctly, meeting all building standards. Any mistakes or oversights could result in harmful gases entering the interior of your property.

What Is Ground Gas

There are a number of ground gases that can pose a health hazard and must be addressed if they are present on development sites. They include:
• Radon
• Hydrocarbons
• Methane
• Carbon Dioxide
• Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS)

Ground Gas Protection Exeter

Orchard Preservations are skilled at helping to protect your home from ground gases and installing gas membranes, we can give you the assurance that any works we undertake will be of the highest quality. Orchard Preservations has over 20 years of working in homes and businesses in Exeter & across the South West.

Orchard Preservation work with developers reclaiming unused land to make the environment safe for development and inhabitants. We supply and fit a range of gas membranes and venting solutions.

For more information please contact Orchard Preservations today.

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