Wet Rot Prevention

Tips For Identifying And Preventing Wet Rot In Your Home   What Is Wet Rot? Wet rot is characterised by a variety of fungal species, such as coniophora puteana and choanephora cucurbitarum. [...]

Treating Dry Rot

What Causes Dry Rot? Spores exist in the air and atmosphere naturally, however, become much more of an issue when it discovers the right conditions in order to germinate. This typically involves [...]

Rot Treatment Exeter

Do you need rot treatment in Exeter? We have the best service to treat it, here at Orchard Preservations our team have many years’ experience in dealing with wet and dry rot. Ensuring that timber [...]

Wet Rot Treatment Exeter

Stopping wet rot can be a difficult task. When you first discover a rot problem, your mind is filled with a variety of concerns. Contact Orchard Preservations if you notice any evidence of wet [...]

What Causes Timber Decay In Devon?

If you own an older property, you have probably had an encounter with timber decay. Discovering that your woodwork is being eaten away by rot or wood beetles is never good news!  In many cases, [...]

How To Identify Dry Rot Devon

Before any kind of treatment, you need so make sure you know how to identify dry rot? Afterall, how are you going to know to treat something if you don’t know it’s there? It’s useful to have this [...]

What Causes Dry Rot

Dry rot occurs when the airborne spores come into contact with damp timber that has a moisture content of at least 20%. These spores then germinate and sprout grey root hyphae strands. The hyphae [...]

What Is Dry Rot

What Is Dry Rot? Dry rot is a very serious problem that affects many homes across the UK. If found, experts like those at Orchard Preservations should be contacted immediately to prevent further [...]