damp degraded floor skirting

Injected Chemical DPC

We use a BBA approved viscous silane/siloxane emulsion (cream) damp-proofing material, that is superior to paste formulations leaving no unsightly residue and is non-corrosive unlike siliconate gels.

There is no requirement to pump the material into the substrate under high pressure. The 600cc sausages are used in conjunction with a bulk injection gun and a heavy duty 5 litre capacity manual pump is available for use with material supplied in buckets. The injection holes are simply filled off with cream that dissipates to form a barrier to rising damp.

Our DPC Injection Cream is the modern, cost effective and easy way to treat rising damp.

Fully approved and accredited by the BBA as an effective barrier against rising damp (BBA Certificate Nos 05/4251). Installation and effectiveness can also be covered by a Guarantee (of up to 30yrs).

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